PuDDy MuDDle

I draw, i Photograph, i paint and i doodle. All of which will be on here somewhere.

Future plans include:
more of the same and animations :)

Top one took 30 mins 

Bottom around 2-3 hours maybe 
All a good drawing takes is time :) 

OKay guys this is now becoming a thing :) 
Pre order one here to help me out a great deal and ill forever be in your debt :P 


For news on all my other projects and to join in like my facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/MtHeadArtDesigns

Who wants this to be a thing ? 
Like my page and tell me what you think there … and you have me word ill make it :) 


i’m almost certain i’m not mentally or emotionally equipped for such a task. 

needless to say work was horrific today :/

HEY look guys straight off www.Alexanderstreetclothing.com the T-shirt is at £17  But freaking SOLD OUT !! … go hassle them for more xD haha

Also … i’ve been used to model my design xD hahaha

Asker Anonymous Asks:
why don't you want me to be anonymous? :P
puddymuddle puddymuddle Said:

its hard to talk to a person in shades xD

Asker Anonymous Asks:
why are you so darn cute?
puddymuddle puddymuddle Said:

Why are you so anonymous  :O xD haha 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
but you are MORE awesome!
puddymuddle puddymuddle Said:

Dont be silly young Padowan xD

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey, you're really awesome..just thought you should know :)
puddymuddle puddymuddle Said:

No anon ….YOUR awesome xD

I made T-shirt … it got print … i got T-shirt free .. you can get yours (for £22) here …( i see none of this money im just advertising for this upcoming amazing clothing label ) 


They post world wide :)

This one may actually get done in a decent amount of time :) YAY :P 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I like, no..I love, your amazing artistic skills and that you make my day better with a lot of your posts.
puddymuddle puddymuddle Said:

aww thank you xD haha theres plenty of rather shoddy 30 min drawings that i do here oif your interested xD 


it may swap your opinion on “Amazing artuistic skills” xD 

also show your face it let this kind anon be known xD

Am i pretty yet ?

Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel like anything less